Pan-Africa Literacy for All (PALFA) is a global literacy event held in a biennial series (once after 2 years) and hosting rights are given to an eligible member country by the International Literacy Association-Africa chapter.

This conference brings together scholars, professionals, and Literacy educators in Africa and across the world. Over the years, PALFA has been hosted in countries like Nigeria (2001), Ghana(2005), Uganda(2019) Tanzania(2009), Kenya(2013), Botswana(2011), Swaziland(2007) among others.

The Reading Association of Uganda being an affiliate of ILA was nominated to host the 11th PALFA conference in 2019. This event had about 400 attendees including;

  • Literacy administrators
  • Early childhood educators
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Multilateral partners involved in funding education.
  • Policymakers and Researchers from across the world with core objectives to bring together international and national policymakers.
  • Researchers to rethink strategies, policy, and practice to position literacy as key and integral to delivering equity in Africa and to design effective strategies that will deliver equitable literacy instruction at formal and informal levels of education.
Palfa conference in KampalaPalfa conference in Kampala in 2019
Palfa conference in NairobiPalfa conference in Nairobi in 2023